A Walk Along The Wall
A Walk Along The Wall
A Walk Along The Wall
A Walk Along The Wall
A Walk Along The Wall
A Walk Along The Wall

A Walk Along the Wall

Horrible Secrets, Terrible Powers

Save your wife. Doom humanity.

Driven by grief at the passing of your partner, search for the Book of Eibon.

Translate its passages. Make the sacrifice.

Bring her back and die trying.

Master stolen wisdom. Let logic scatter.

Wield weapons and abilities levied by arcane madness.

Fight back against the ever-growing onslaught 'neath that gibbous crack in space.

Delve into the formless void. Awaken those slumbering things most foul.

Lost in pitch, claw through the hordes of spawn which erupt from eternal shadow.

Find the thing responsible. End its presence.

Go insane. Die. And do it all again.


est. 2017

In a spiraling pit of stress and despair, SCRAWL hides from their crushing existential crisis by bringing you quality video games.

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Khide Hoskins (@khidehoskins)

Founder of Scrawl, lead programmer & designer, and professional stressball; Khide spent many years of his life screwing around with video games, and as such got it into his head that he "was super cool and totally knew everything." This was false. Blindly enamored by the game developer life style of instant noodles and PAX showings, he began the long and arduous journey of being good at making games & stuff.